The Rusty Compass, Clogherhead, Co. Louth. Ireland.

Meet the Team

Sinead Kierans Bio – Artist

Sinead Kierans, The Rusty Compass, Clogherhead

After completing her leaving certificate Sinead pursued a career in art by attending art college in Dublin, Ireland. Like most adolescents Sinead was unsure of her career choice and after 1 year decided to change from art to beauty therapy. Swapping her paint brushes for a mascara brush Sinead set up her own beauty salon at 21 years of age.
After several years running her own business Sinead decided it was time for another career change and joined An Garda Siochana with her most recent duties included Community Policing in Drogheda Co. Louth, Ireland. With the birth of her 3 daughters Indee, Willow & Juno, Sinead has had the opportunity to take a career break from policing. This has given Sinead a chance to get back to where it all began where she spends her spare time now painting and creating wonderful and beautiful pieces for The Rusty Compass.

Damien Kierans Bio – Crafts and Design

Damien Kierans began his working life as a cabinet maker. Moving from tools to design he has spent most of his working career in a creative design office.‚Äč
His time within creative surroundings as well as being hands on in the workshop has given Damien the appropriate skill set required to create The Rusty Compass’s signature handcrafted, reclaimed wooden canvasses on which Sinead artistically decorates.

The Rusty Compass, Clogherhead, Co. Louth. Ireland.